Space links - Avaruuslinkkejä

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Space crafts, probes and stations - Alukset, luotaimet ja asemat

51-L Pizza Chain Logo on Russian Rocket
Alternate View Column AV-56 Nuke Your Way to the Stars
Astronaut Fact Sheet -
BBC News Sci-Tech A rocket with extra pepperoni
Beagle 2 the British led exploration of Mars
Biosphere 2
C-ship Relativistic ray traced images
Cassini Now
Cassini Voyage to Saturn
Challenger - Obviously, A Major Malfunction
Challenger's Final Minutes
Challenger, STS-51L Information
Communication and tracking of visiting vehicles near ISS -
CProjektitCOALA onboard ISSiss_18k_jem.wrl
Deep Space 1
Deep Space 2 - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
ESA SCIENCE Mars Express
Europa Orbiter
EXCLUSIVE Spy Agency May Have Located Mars Polar Lander
FMI's MVACS involvement MET-P & EGA-P
Fungus on MIR - Boston Globe Online - Nation World - Astronauts vs. fungus
Galileo Project Home
Human exploration of Mars is addressed by NASA.
Human Space Flight (HSF) - Space Shuttle
Huygens probe temp. monitoring - ESA SCIENCE Huygens
International Space Station Home
International Space Station Imagery - Photo-s97_10537
ISS Communication and Tracking
ISS Deorbit - Space Station User's Guide SpaceRef
ISS räjäytyskuva pdf file
J-Track 3D
Jupiter Millennium Flyby
Kohti punaista planeettaa -Tero Siili
Mariner 4 - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mariner 6 - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mariner 7 - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mariner 9 - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mars - A Crewed Mission to Mars...
Mars 2 - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mars 3 - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mars 5 - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mars 96 Orbiter - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mars 96 Penetrator - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mars 96 Surface Station - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mars Climate Orbiter - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mars Express - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mars Global Surveyor - Mars Global Surveyor
Mars Global Surveyor - Welcome to Mars!
Mars Observer - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mars Pathfinder Project Information
Mars Polar Lander - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mars Surveyor 2001 Lander - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mars Surveyor 2001 Orbiter - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mars Surveyor 2001 Rover - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Mars Surveyor 2001
MirCorp Announces Results of Board Meeting - New Programs Supported
Mir’s backers shifting to new space station
NASA Glenn at Mars Pathfinder Operational Readiness Test 6
NEAR - Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission
Nozomi - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
NSSDC Voyager Project Information
On Scientific Assessment of Options for the Disposal of the Galileo Spacecraft
Phobos Project Information
Pioneer 10 - NSSDC Master Catalog Spacecraft
Pioneer Home Page Describes the missions of Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, and Pioneers 6 through 9
Planck - ESA - The Home Page of Planck
Pluto-Kuiper Express -
Pluto-Kuiper Express
Rescue Ball
Rosetta-luotaimen runko valmistumassa Jämsässä - Aamulehti 11.01.2001 Talous
Russia May Send New Crew to Mir
Shuttle processing at KSC
Shuttle, Space flight simulator
Solar Probe
Some Novel Space Propulsion Systems
Space Shuttle Mission Guide SpaceRef
Space Shuttle News Reference Manual
Space Shuttle tire image -
Space Shuttle tires - Michelin - Aviation
Space Shuttles and Sonic Booms Fact Sheet
Space Shuttles Fact Sheet
Space station crew boards new home - - Space - Space station crew boards new home - November 2, 2000
Space tourist closer to his dream
SpinCalc - Rotating space crafts
Stardust - NASA
Technology & Applications Program Gallery - Robots
The Apollo Saturn Reference Page
The Betrayal of Mission 51-L and the Challenger disaster cover-up
The NetLander web server in FMI
The NetLander web server
The Sterile Cockpit
Tracking the space stations
Viking data
Viking Project Information
Voyager 1 and 2 - NSSDC Voyager Project Information
Voyager Golden Record
Voyager Project Home Page
Water as Fuel
Welcome to STARDUST!
X-33 Reusable Launch Vehicle - Space Transportation

Instruments - Instrumentit

COALA - Ilmatieteen laitos - Tutkimus - Otsoni - Satelliittimittaukset - COALA
FMI Aeronomy Research OMI
FMI's MVACS involvement MET-P & EGA-P
GOME Home page
GOMOS Introduction
LaserCom Pointing...
Mars Express - Orbiter instruments in brief
NRT GOME ozone column
Star trackers & Pointing systems, NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS), v 2.0
Starsensor -
The Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (GOME) Mission, Instrument Concept, and First Scientific

Organisations, companies and projects - Järjestöt, firmat ja projektit

2.Global Change Observation Mission (GCOM) Program-The 3rd Evaluation Report by the Subcommittee for Earth Observation
Aerospatiale Matra Presenting the group
AFS Group Web Pages on EIS Server
AFSPC Air Force Space Command - Home Page
ARISS Home Page
ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana
Astrium - Space is our business.
Astronaut candidate application -
Astronaut class 2000 -
Astronaut Sponsor Page
Aulis Online - Faked Lunar Photos, Face on Mars, Moon Hoax, Mankind's Origins, NASA Conspiracy, Our Place in the Galaxy
AURA - Homepage
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. Home Page
Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
Beyond 2000 Space-Vehicles Tie Me Up, Scotty
Brazilian International Space Station Program
Clickworkers - NASA Ames's new experiment in volunteer science
EAC - PR - How to become and Astronaut (Selection Criteria)
EIS File Service Web Server of NASA
ESA Outreach Student Parabolic Flight Campaign
Esrin home page
ESTEC location,
European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) home page
Exerpt for Bill Kaysing Interview on the Apollo Hoax
Finnish astronautical society - Suomen avaruustutkimusseura - Sällskapet för Astronautisk Forsk
Fokker Space
Forest Fire Alert System
Frontpage of the HUT Laboratory of Space Technology
GETA Seminar on Satellite Communications
Heat Flow Around Printed Circuit Boards and Heatsinks in Low Gravity Conditions
HSF - Human Crew to Mars
IAF - International Astronautical Federation - 51th meeting
IAF Home Page
IGG Home Page - IGG Component Technology Ltd.
Ilmatieteen laitos - Tutkimus - Otsoni - Satelliittimittaukset - Tähtiokkultaatio
Interglobal 21st-Century Mall
International Space University
ISS - Japanese Exposed Facility
JPL Mars Missions
JPL-Employment Opportunities
JSC Astrobiology - recentnews
KASSEA - Korean - American Space Scientists and Engineers Association
KSC Home Page
Live From the MarsRoom at JPL!
Lunar Millenium
Metsähovi Radio Observatory Homepage
Mikrogravitaatio TTKK
Mini-Magnetospheric Plasma Propulsion
MirCorp Home page
MONS Projektet på Rømer satellitten
Moon landind was a hoax
NASA Education Program - NASA Student Involvement Program
NASA experiments with sex in space - Urban Legends and Folklore - Archive
NASA Haughton-Mars Project
NASA Jobs Homepage
NASA KIDS - a nasa site dedicated to kids - Kids of all ages!
NASA Shuttle-Mir Web
NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS), v 2.0
NASADIVER - Yahoo! Photos - Album List
NASDA Report No.103
NASDA Report No.98
NASDA's Astronauts
No Boundaries
Outcry over space tourist plan
Patria Finavitec Oyj
Project Aria - Aria-1
Project Orion Its Life, Death, and Possible Rebirth
Proposal scraps Mars mission plan - FLORIDA TODAY News Story Main Page
Romance to Reality moon & Mars expedition & settlement plans
Routes to JPL
SETI Institute Online
SETI@home Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
Space Amateur Radio Experment home page
Space Flight Mechanics Committee
Space Jobs Inc. - Take your career to new Heights!
Space Plasma Physics - Alfvén Laboratory
Space Research Group of Oulu
Space Systems Finland Ltd.
Space Telescope Science Institute Home Page
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)
Suomen avaruustutkimusseura
Tampereen Teekkarien Avaruusteknillinen Kerho Castor
Technical University of Denmark - Space
TEKES - Aihealueet, Avaruus
Tekniikka&Talous Online Space Systems Finland Oy
Tethers Unlimited Home Page
The Centennial of Flight - The Future of Flight
The European Astronaut Centre
The First Moon Landing
The Golf Shot Heard Around the Moon
The Mars Society - The purpose of the Mars Society is to further the goal of the exploration an
The Planetary Society
The Project Apollo Archive
The Space Center
The Space Foundation
TNO TPD - Space instrumentation
TNO TPD - Space
U.S. Rockets Home Page - The Second Stage in Rockets!!
UK Envisat Exploitation Programme
UK Exobiology Network
VILSPA External Home Page
Welcome to the Canadian Space Agency - Bienvenue à l'Agence spatiale canadienne
What is TFAWS
Whatever happened to Neil Armstrong
X PRIZE Foundation -- New Race to Space

Satellites - Satelliitit

3.GCOM-A1-The 3rd Evaluation Report by the Subcommittee for Earth Observation
ALP-SAT main
Astrid-2 Main Menue
CelesTrak Search Satellite Catalog - Space - KEO time capsule could remain in orbit until 52001 AD - August 29, 2000
Gun Launch for Orbital Vehicles - Bruce Dunn (January 1995)
Hubble Space Telescope - STScI-HST Pictures
Hubble Space Telescope
Internet TOMS
Iridium Flares
Landsat 7 Home Page
Mars Express orbit - ESA SCIENCE Homepage
NOAA 16 L - Titan Successfully Launches Polar Weather Satellite
Odin-satelliitin laukaisu 20.2.2001 Ilmatieteen laitos - Etusivun uutiset -
Satelliittiopas 2000
Satellite Programs -GCOM pdf file
Satintro - Introduction to Visual Satellite Observing
SBUV-2 Solar Page
STAT tool example - ESA SCIENCE Homepage
Sääsatelliittiharrastajan käsikirja
TDRSS System Description
The Art of Communication Via Satellite

Technology and science - Teknologia ja tiede

Pointing algorithms

An Astrological House Formulary
Astronomical Algorithms
Astronomical Coordinate Systems
Basics of Positional Astronomy
Computing planetary positions
RA and DEC to ALT and AZ

Star trackers

5.2 Spaceborne climate change monitoring by GNSS occultation sensors
ADS Custom Query Form Thu Feb 22 082310 2001
Bios-3 Siberian Experiments in Bioregenerative Life Support
Human Body in a Vacuum
Kayser-Threde Press Release -  05.Jan.98 - German GPS Experiment...
Merja's astronomy links
Potentially Hazardous Asteroids
Spaceflight Now Breaking News New evidence found to suggest ancient Mars life
Torino Impact Hazard Scale
USAF Flight Surgeon's Guide Chapter 2

Astrophysics - Tähtitiede

(FAQ) Astronomical Calculations for the Amateur
100 brigthest stars
100 nearest stars
alcyone astronomical software
Alpha Centauri
Alphabetical Star Names
Angular sizes -- small angle formula
Arctic Asteroid!
Association POLARIS
Astronomical Constants
Celestial Coordinate System
clouds in Titan atmosphere
Comet Observation Home Page
Computing planetary positions - a tutorial with worked examples
Coordinate Systems
Definition of magnitude
Determining the age of surfaces on Mars
Discovery Online -- Space Cams Sun Cam
Download Page - tähtitiedeohjelmia
Dr Strous Magnitude
Earth Picture List
Earth View
Elementary Astronomy
Encyclopedia of the Solar System
Final Orbits of Earth- Jupiter Gravity Assist
Geostar Oy - sanasto
Gravity Assists
Ilmatieteen laitos - Tutkimus - Otsoni - Satelliittimittaukset - Tähtiokkultaatio
Mars ground image by Viking 2
Matematiikka - Ympyrän tangentti ja kehäkulma
Naming Stars
New Evidence of Artificiality at Cydonia on Mars
New oxygen machine will let astronauts live on Mars
NGC 4526
Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy Review Space Cowboys
Planet tables
Planetary Apprentice Home Page
Pluto - Planets - Mars,Earth,Jupiter,Venus,Saturn,Neptune,Moon,Mercury... - Our Universe with all Facts,Planets,Missions,Galaxy
Pluto Image Archive
Rigil Kentaurus
Satelliitit - ISS liike taivaalla
SCI.SPACE FAQ No. 04 - space-math
Seeing the martian crustal dichotomy
Solar System Simulator
Sounds from space
Space Technology PORTAL
Star Catalogs
Star catalogue by HR-number - Index of -~dolan-constellations-hr
Star Names
Stars and Constellations
stars, star catalogues, star data, variables, double and multiple stars,main stars of the constellations
Taivaalla tapahtuu - Muut ilmiöt - heinäkuu 2000
The 26 Brightest Stars
The 26 Nearest Stars
The Face on Mars
The Local Stars - 3D Model
The Moon
The Nearest Stars to Earth
The Nine Planets
The Ozone Hole Tour Home Page
The Perseid Meteor Shower
Transcript - Gravity Assists (March 23, 1999)
Tähtien havainnointi ja paikan määritys
Tähtiharrastuksen kotisivu
Tähtikartta -
Tähtitaivaan tilanne nyt
Tähtitieteen viitetietokanta Kosmos
Umbra Penumbra
Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page
Welcome to Analytical Graphics Inc., creators of Satellite Tool Kit, software for the Aerospace
Welcome to Heavens-Above
What is a Dobson Unit
'Face' and 'Humanoid' in Cydonia (Mars)
4.2 Pointing Performance and Considerations
ashos - astronaut hopefuls on the internet
Atmospheric Species - Space Instruments
Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing, CRISP
CNN - TechnologySpace - Weather Maps
Cornell News Student makes Mars video
Dig for life on Mars
Earth first set foot on the moon! GET THE STAMPS!
Electronic Note Space Systems ~ Space Communication Equipment , Spacecraft Payloads , TWTA's ,
Encyclopedia Astronautica
HSF - Exploring Mars -Plasma Rocket System
Human Space Flight Web Gallery
In Memoriam - Astronauts and cosmonauts
J-Pass 2.0
Jonathan's Space Report
Kennedy Space Center Video Feeds
kotisivu - Flight... FDO!!
NASA Astronaut Biographies
Photobition Spaceport
Russian Rockets
So You Want To Be An Astronaut
Space Calendar (JPL)
Space FAQ 10-13 - Controversial Questions
Space FAQ 12-13 - How to Become an Astronaut
Space Future - Directory of Contents
Space Index - FAQ
Spaceflight Now Tracking Station Worldwide launch schedule
SpaceRef - Your Space Reference
STECIS, Space Technology Capability Information System
The Pad Rat's Page
The worlds best UFO video footage on the internet.
Welcome to the Mars Millennium Project - Earth first set foot on the moon! GET THE STAMPS!